At the Sagamore Institute we value innovative ideas, that are put into action, with lasting results. We are highlighting those Indiana citizens who have enriched our communities through their innovation, investment, and hard work. By sharing their stories, we aim to encourage all people of Indiana to put their gifts and talents into action as we each consider how we can make not only our local communities, but also our state, better. View All Citizen Profiles

Promising Practices

Through the Bright Ideas Indiana site, nonprofit and congregational leaders eager to promote the well-being of their communities will find inspirational and creative ideas for effective service.

The site showcases two kinds of promising practices:

Programmatic Section

The Programmatic Section highlights examples of effective practices in program design and implementation in a variety of social service arenas (e.g., Youth Services, Housing, Community Development).
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Organizational Section

The Organizational Section highlights examples of effective practices in arenas of interest to all nonprofits regardless of their particular service sector, such as Fund Development and Evaluation.
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