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MuncieP3 - Academic Enrichment Program
Type: Community Based
Sector: Education & Literacy
City: Muncie
Best Practice Program: Emerging Scholars After school Program

Organization Mission

The mission of MP3 ‘Emerging Scholars Academic Enrichment Program’is to provide extended-day and extended-year educational enrichment opportunities for young children, which lay the foundation for academic success.

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Muncie P3

The purpose of the MuncieP3 program is to ensure that all program children are proficient in reading by grade 3.  Guided by a commitment to early education, and to the vision that collaborative partnerships between schools, families, and communities can maximize the promise and potential of every child, MP3 has seen marked success.

Community Partnership is Key to the Scholastic Achievement in this Muncie based Enrichment Program

MP3 is an outgrowth of an innovative teacher preparation program called Schools Within the Context of Community (SCC), in which young teachers in training were immersed in a community and felt the needs of those who lived there. This “immersive learning” model moved the young teachers to reach beyond the classrooms and into the neighborhoods and create relationships.  Longfellow Elementary opened space for the MP3 program and within one year their teachers noted the following characteristic in their MP3 students: exhibit more leadership, followed directions better, were more responsible, had better self-control, knew more sight words, and “raised the bar” for other (non-program) students in the class.

The MP3 ‘Emerging Scholars Academic Enrichment’ Program, has also experienced success in families and the community. MP3 parents are more involved in their children’s education, they return things more consistently, they participate more regularly at school events, and they show a commitment to helping their children succeed.  The city of Muncie is mentioned in national conferences when the “model of academic enrichment” is presented.  The Whitely neighborhood is proud of their students and their partnership to ensure success; this mind-set has far reaching positive implications for a community.

MP3 Program Director, Wilsha Scaife, is a powerful and passionate voice for the Emerging Scholars and it’s vital connection to community.  “This program is community collaboration in it’s truest sense… The success of the MP3 program is founded in our MP3 - kidspartnership with Muncie Community Schools, community-based organizations, and families committed to their children’s academic future.”  These are not just words to Scaife, she lives it out as both an educator and community advocate in the Whitely neighborhood.

Instilling and encouraging competence, confidence, character, and compassion in their students toward LIFE success is evidences in their programs and in the young lives they educate. Participating in the MP3 program profoundly impacted kindergartner Terry Miles. After writing the following letter to the mayor he along with his classmates were invited to discuss Terry’s concerns with Muncie Mayor Dennis Tyler.MP3 - kids 2

“Dear Mayor, I want to ask an important question. People have been  shooting at night and I want to ask you ‘Can you make them stop?’” 

The letter became the seedbed for a book, which his teacher, Brittany Cain, helped him with during writing and reading time at the MP3 program.  MP3 offered a safe, structured environment for Terry to try new things, like writing a book. It’s not often that a kindergartner becomes a role model in a community and wins the MP3 Outstanding Community Leader Award. MP3 has the potential to produce many more young citizens learners who will bring lasting positive impact to their communities, schools, and neighborhoods.