At the Sagamore Institute we value innovative ideas, that are put into action, with lasting results. We are highlighting those Indiana citizens who have enriched our communities through their innovation, investment, and hard work. By sharing their stories, we aim to encourage all people of Indiana to put their gifts and talents into action as we each consider how we can make not only our local communities, but also our state, better. View All Citizen Profiles

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Mapping Indiana’s Compassion

The Indiana Compassion Map allows users to explore the richness and diversity of over 11,000 of the state’s community healing organizations, learning more about what they do and where they are located.
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Bright Ideas Indiana is a project of the Governor’s Management Performance Hub (MPH), the Indiana Family and Social Service Administration (FSSA), and the Indiana Office of Technology (IOT). It highlights promising practices by Indiana nonprofits to encourage peer-to-peer learning and innovation. The state agencies commissioned the Sagamore Institute for Policy Research (SIPR) to conduct research statewide to identify excellent social service nonprofit organizations.

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